It has been a pleasure working with this group of students. In a short period of time, we have learned so much about one another! I hope each student will take the lessons and strategies they have been taught and apply them outside of the MES classroom!!

Having strong social skills takes high “Emotional Intelligence”. Something that not all people have but EVERYONE can develop. Emotional Intelligence is made up of self awareness, self-regulation, social understanding, self-motivation, and empathy. During these sessions, we touched upon several of these areas and practiced the skills through games, conversations, and activities.

Enjoy this short fun video on Emotional Intelligence:

Fall classes begin on September 15th and I’m happy to see that some students will be returning! There are still a couple of spaces available so please reach out if you would like to reserve a spot. Again, groups will be kept to a minimum of 2 students but a maximum of 6. Temperatures will be taken, masks worn, hand sanitizer provided and we will continue to ask families to be mindful of travel, sickness, and refraining from attending if experiencing recent exposure to COVID.