Welcome to Social Learning.  This is a page that will update weekly to share information and resources related to what is being taught in our Social Thinking Groups each week.

The focus of our first week of class will be for students to get to know one another and develop “people files” (a term used within Michelle Garcia Winners Social Thinking training and curriculum and written about in Think Social Publishing, Inc).

People files are invisible folders of information we store in our heads about people we know.  Students will be encouraged to communicate with one another and learn about each others’ interests, in order to make connections.  Students will be taught the importance of body language, words, and actions when speaking with others, as well as what to do and how to act with our friends even when we are not interested in what the other person has to say.

Through activities, students will build curiosity, learn cooperation, establish connections with others and will practice active listening.

Helpful hand-outs for parents will be available weekly.