Our group continues to practice good listening skills and develop friend files for each of the participants in the group.  Demonstrating patience, kindness, and appropriate body language are all expected social skills encouraged in this group.

This week the students will begin to explore their own personal qualities and strengths.  They will be challenged to think about who they perceive themselves to be, what makes them feel good or badly about themselves, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and what others might say about them.  Topics and discussions are intended to increase self awareness and improve self-esteem.   The students will begin to recognize how they are different from one another and accept these differences.  This exploration of different traits and qualities will also lead the students to reflect on what qualities they look for in a friend.  Self-awareness is important for students who want to be successful not only in social interactions but also in the academic classroom.  Kids who understand their strengths and recognize their weaknesses are better able to advocate for themselves.  Self-awareness and good communication ultimately builds self-confidence!

Games and activities will include sentence starters, worksheets, and cooperative play.

Please remember to be mindful if traveling out of state or exposure to large groups of people.  We are carefully sanitizing between our small groups, taking temperatures, and wearing masks.  The students are thrilled to be together and have these interactions.  We would like to continue this model of service but need everyone’s cooperation so that we all stay healthy!!!