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About Us

Silvana and Kelli are both school psychologists in Connecticut with over 30 years of collective experience working with students in grades K-12. Throughout their years in public education, Silvana and Kelli have identified a need for additional supports for both students and families and have worked together to create these services at Middlesex Educational Services, LLC.

Over the years, Silvana and Kelli have continued to expand their knowledge in areas of social, emotional and behavioral functioning.  They are certified in ADHD and Anxiety treatment strategies.  They specialize in behavior management and teen coaching, as well as, social skill and executive function coaching.  Additionally, they are well-versed in educational disabilities and serve as educational consultants to help families understand and navigate the supports and services available within a public school setting.  They offer support, clarity, and resources to families in some of the following areas: Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504-Accommodation Plans, Behavior Intervention Plans, Functional Behavior Assessments, psycho-educational evaluations, and Response to Intervention (known as SRBI in Connecticut). Silvana and Kelli are available to offer support to families navigating this often confusing and complex process and can explain and clarify the rights and services that are provided under the law

Middlesex Educational Services also offers tutoring support with certified teachers across subject areas and grade levels, SAT Prep courses, occupational therapy services, homework help nights, and resources for parents including educational advocacy.  

If you or your child could benefit from any of these services, please feel free to contact us toda.

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