All children act out from time to time. They may not follow a direction, resist redirection, throw a tantrum, fight with siblings or peers, have trouble in school or shut down. But when these behaviors become problematic and begin to impact social relationships, school functioning, and family harmony, the child may benefit from Behavior Coaching.

Behavior coaching teaches techniques and strategies to help children understand how to self-regulate, apply coping strategies, develop healthy relationships, identify their areas of strength and areas of challenge, and communicate their needs in a positive way.

Behavior coaching is highly individualized based on each child’s area(s) of need, and our coaches meet with parents throughout to provide tips, supports, and strategies to try in the home to create a universal approach to address behaviors of concern.

Behavior coaching is available to children ages 5-17.

Behavior Coaching Services

First Session
  • 1 hour interview with parent(s) to gather background information and identify areas of concern
  • In person interview and Zoom interview available
Behavior Coaching
  • 45 minutes with student
  • 15 minute debrief with parent
  • In person and Zoom sessions available

Our Behavior Coach will work with parents to customize a plan that works best for their child that includes the number of sessions and length of sessions

*Our behavior coaches typically recommend 8-weeks of behavior coaching, 1x per week