Executive Functioning is a set of skills that we use everyday to help us learn, stay organized, follow directions, pay attention, regulate emotions, and more!

Does your child have trouble with any of the following:

  • Staying organized
  • Writing down assignments
  • Time management
  • Pacing long-term projects
  • Self-starting on assignments, projects, and/or tasks
  • Managing emotions
  • Self-regulating actions
  • Sustaining effort
  • Sustaining and shifting attention to tasks
  • Prioritizing tasks

Middlesex Educational Services offers 1:1 Executive Functioning Coaching (EFC) for children ages 10 to 17, as well as, for college students. Our executive coaches meet students needs by first assessing areas of strength and weaknesses and then supporting students with any immediate challenges (completing assignments, meeting deadlines, preparing for tests/quizzes, following through and planning for long term projects). Through support and direct instruction, using student work as a model, students gradually begin to attain skills and strategies needed to meet with success. As they become more capable of managing their time, work, and responsibilities, students feel more confident resulting in increased motivation and effort. Sessions are held in our clinic or virtually.

Many students with executive functioning deficits have weaknesses in multiple areas. It takes time to learn new habits and skills and not all areas can be improved at the same time. We recommend a minimum of twelve weeks but ideally sixteen weeks to develop a level of independence. When appropriate and needed, coaches check in with students between sessions via email or text, providing tips, reminders, or encouragement.

Coaching beyond the initial 3-4 month period can decreased to bi-monthly or monthly in order to continue support and guidance.

1 hour initial consultation with parent and student includes an assessment of current EF skills, a parent/student interview, review of any relevant school records and short term goal setting.

​Individual coaching sessions are available and are typically one hour in length

Packages of 12-14 weeks are available and include the initial consultation and written feedback