Kelli Buggie


Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Co-Owner of Middlesex Educational Services

Kelli attended Northeastern University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology, and her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in School Psychology. She is also a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

​Kelli began her career working with high school students, then continued on to work with middle school students, and is now currently employed as a school psychologist servicing students in grades K-12 in Glastonbury, CT. Kelli has developed educational programming within public school settings that support students with social/emotional and behavioral challenges. She has several years of experiencing supporting pre-teens and teens who are school avoidant, struggle socially, and experience emotional challenges.

​Kelli serves as an educational consultant, social skill coach, teen life coach, behavior coach, and teaches executive functioning skills.

Kelli Buggie Middlesex Educational Services

Silvana Pepitone

M.S./6th Year

Certified School Psychologist

Co-Owner of Middlesex Educational Services

Silvana earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University. She earned her Masters Degree and 6th Year Certificate in School Psychology at Southern Connecticut State University.

Silvana began her career in an alternative school setting where she provided behavioral support to students with special needs. Upon completion of her 6th year certification, she worked for the Department of Children and Families, Long Lane School, as Pupil Services Specialist and Chairperson of Planning and Placement Team meetings. She then began working within the public school setting as a school psychologist for elementary students for sixteen years, she transitioned to the middle school for the next seven years and is currently working at the high school level.  Her skill set lends her to working with students with social, emotional, behavioral issues and children on the Autism Spectrum.

Silvana is passionate about learning. She believes education is the key to success and with hard work and support all children can reach any goal they set for themselves. She coaches students in academic, social, emotional and behavioral strategies. She focuses on understanding student’s complex academic and social difficulties. She serves as a consultant to parents, providing educational and behavioral support.

Beth Green, M.Ed

Beth is a 5th grade teacher who graduated from the University of Hartford with a masters degree in Elementary Education. However, her love of math led her in a different direction to start. She earned her bachelor degree from Bryant University in Business Administration with a major in finance. For ten years, she worked in the insurance industry, but after doing volunteer work with Junior Achievement, knew her real interest was working with children.

Her experience with children began in 1992 when she started volunteering through the Rhode Island chapter of Junior Achievement teaching Business Basics to fourth grade. While pursuing her masters degree, she provided academic support to third grade in Newington. Since earning her degree, she has worked as a Special Education Tutor for grades 5-8 in Newington; 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher in Newington; 5th Grade Teacher in Portland; and most recently, 5th Grade Teacher in Hebron, where she has been since 2005.

Knowing your content is not enough. Teaching from the heart creates a successful learning environment. Beth strives to build caring relationships with her students which in turn facilitates the exchange of information. Connecting with students and seeing their joy as they learn new skills they may have thought were impossible is what inspires her.

Passion is infectious, and Beth’s love for math can be the same. She believes that when you truly love the subject matter, it encourages you to dig deeper and think harder about it, inspiring more substantial learning. However, she knows that not everybody feels that same passion for math. Therefore, she works to create meaningful experiences that students can relate to in their everyday lives. Her past career and experiences allow her to do just that. In the end, the best teachers are those who love their subjects and pass that passion and desire to learn more on to their students; and Beth strives to do just that.

Gina Pitruzzello, B.S.

Teacher/Independent Consultant

Gina graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and English. She is a certified elementary teacher. She has worked with children at varying grade levels, ranging from 1st through 6th grade. She currently is a 3rd grade teacher for Windham Public Schools and pursuing a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

Gina has experience as an independent consultant tutoring elementary-aged children in reading and mathematics in both one-on-one and small group settings. In addition, she has worked with middle and high school students to improve executive functioning in areas of task initiation, planning, study skills, note taking, and organizational skills as it relates to their current classes and assignments.  

Gina encourages a love of learning with all of her students. She is constantly pushing them to become invested in their own learning process and to challenge themselves in order to grow.

Donna Schilke

Special Education Consultant and Advocate

Donna Schilke is a retired administrator with a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience. She has a warm and caring presence and families find comfort in her guidance. She is a positive influence during PPTs and in advocating for children. Donna began her educational leadership as a special education teacher in 1989 and in 2002 was appointed assistant principal for Glastonbury Public Schools. In 2005, she served as the districts Special Education Director and in 2006 principal Smith Middle School. She was awarded principal of the year in 2011. She was also the recipient of the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) Citation award, the associations highest honor, in 2012. Donna has been an active member of CAS since 2002, serving on seven diverse committees and boards. In 2014, she became the CAS President. Upon retiring, she she joined CAS full time as the Assistant Executive Director. Within her role at CAS, she proved to be a visionary leader and tirelessly advocated for Connecticut’s middle level schools. Donna in an independent consultant and available for parent support, consultation regarding 504 plans, review of Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), review of testing and assessments, advocacy during any and all school meetings including Planning and Placement Team meetings, 504s and team meetings. She serves as a liaison between school and parent, and much more.