Our Teen Life Coaches specialize in adolescent development and each have several years of experience helping teens navigate life’s challenges. Our Teen Life Coaches have also developed and implemented programs within public school settings, at both the middle school and high school levels, to support adolescents to achieve academic success while learning strategies to manage emotions and overcome obstacles.

Teen life coaching can help adolescents with stress, relationships, schoolwork, body issues, self confidence, and more.

Meet with our Teen Life Coach weekly or bi-weekly for individualized coaching support, or check out our 12-week themed programs below!

Academic Success

*Services currently available via Zoom or in person

  • Identifying students short term and long term academic goals
  • Identify challenges, setbacks, and obstacles that may impede reaching these goals
  • Identify areas of academic strength and areas of difficulty
  • Devise a specific and targeted plan to accomplish goals and improve upon areas of difficulty within the school setting

Anxiety Management

*Services currently available via Zoom or in person

  • What is anxiety? – Taking the time to talk with your teen to understand what anxiety is and how it impacts them
  • Identify the impact anxiety has on their life
  • Explore various anxiety reducing strategies
  • Develop a toolbox of preferred coping strategies to manage anxiety across various situations

Building Relationships

*Services currently available via Zoom or in person

  • Explore the complex world of friendships and relationships
  • Identify what is a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship
  • Identify what personal attributes the client possesses that contribute to positive friendships and relationships
  • Identify strategies for establishing and maintaining positive connections with others

Self Discovery

*Services currently available via Zoom or in person

  • Identify areas of personal strength and areas of difficulty
  • Identify potential life barriers that are impeding success and overall growth
  • Achieve a better understanding of who you are as an individual and what you want our of life
  • Explore all aspects of life and assess what is working well and what is now
  • Devise a plan and identify strategies to work through areas of life that are challenging

Individualized Coaching

*Services currently available via Zoom or in person

  • Meet with our Teen Coach to identify specific. areas of personal development to be worked on
  • Come up with a comprehensive plan and approach to work through all areas of difficulty
  • Develop specific strategies and skill sets to manage areas of difficulty in ones life
  • Identify areas of personal strength and weakness and identify how these areas relate to every day life
  • Identify life goals and develop step by step plans on how to achieve them